My Second and most recent accolade.
My Second and most recent accolade.
I am a double award winning actor based in London, England with experience and involvement in film acting spanning over thirty years.
I am an associate in Magnetic Hill Film Company and was involved in the production team on “An Equinox of Love”,  a short film written and directed by C. Mutambara and K. Sidhu. The film premièred at Cannes Film Festival 2013 and has been well received at various other international festivals.
My most recent leading role is in a feature length film ‘Trapped Movie’ 2013 written and produced by Memory Nyahunzwi, Directed by Michael Mambo. Trapped aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. I have forged a working partnership with Director Mike Mambo of Mike Media UK.
For more information visit http://www.trappedmovie.co.uk/
ZIMAA Awards Night 2014 with the Director of  tthe Year and great friend Michael Manbo
ZIMAA Awards Night 2014 with the Director of the Year and great friend Michael Mambo.
My first film/acting work started as a child actor in 1983. I played a lead role in “Lost in the Wilderness” a joint Japanese and Italian film shot in Harare, Zimbabwe for a Japanese TV station.
On Location at Lake Chivero  -Zimbabwe Shooting Lost in the Wilderness 1983
On Location at Lake Chivero -Zimbabwe Shooting Lost in the Wilderness 1983
I have been cast in various feature length film roles, view trailers @ “My Filmography: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLebZ7Qp29zcTHm3b_b8gDsu4ETq2QNpgL
I work with the Zollywood Film distribution team specialising in marketing and raising publicity of the Zimbabwean films. I have a strong emphasis on enhancing quality and standards and also engage with film makers promoting their work from film production consultancy to premiere release and marketing strategies. For more information visit: www.zollywoodzim.co.uk
I embarked on VFX and Compositing short courses with the Escape Studios UK with a view of gaining more of the behind the scenes post-production experience.
I work tirelessly, in a highly motivated fashion on each film production I get involved in. My aim is to raise publicity and online presence of the various production houses and films I am associated with. I like to stay busy and always look forward to taking on challenging new roles thus broadening my skills and experience.